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Recently Released

Teledyne and Honda to Study Business Opportunities for Next Generation Aircraft Piston Engines
March 3, 2003 - Teledyne Technologies Incorporated(NYSE:TDY) announced today that Teledyne Continental Motors, Inc., and Honda Motor Co., Ltd will begin a joint feasibility study for a next-generation piston aviation engine currently in development by Honda. Read More

Continental Motors Sets The Record Straight On Cylinders - Backs Up Claims With Cash
December 21, 2001 - (Mobile, Al) -Continental Motors (TCM) has set an industry quality and value standard with its new generation of Premium TopCareTM Cylinders. Read More

Information on TCM Throttle Control Arms
A recent article has been published in the Boston Globe concerning the bronze throttle control arms used on Continental Motors (TCM) fuel injection system components. The article claims that the airframe control cable end will pull out of the bronze throttle control arm due to the tendency of the arm to wear. Read More

Continental Motors Looks To The Mandela Agency to Propel Brand
June 28, 2001 (Bend, OR) Continental Motors this week named The Mandala Agency, of Bend, Oregon, its new marketing agency of record. The Mobile, Alabama power systems manufacturer is one of the world's oldest and largest makers of piston engines for general aviation aircraft. The Company has enlisted The Mandala Agency to help it communicate the story of its recent investments in state-of-the-art product development, manufacturing and quality control programs. "This is a great opportunity for us to help a stalwart of the aviation industry tell its customers its contemporary story," said Mandala chairman Brian Bowler. "This company has made tremendous investments in advancing its entire operation. It's truly a rebirth of a great brand and we're excited to be a part of it." The Mandala Agency has been involved with the aviation industry for several years through its representation of The Lancair Company, a certified airframe manufacturer. "General Aviation is once again a fast growing business sector. We are extremely pleased to add another great brand in the sector to our roster of clients," Bowler said.

Founded in 1980, The Mandala Agency is a full-service marketing and advertising firm. The Agency provides advertising, marketing and public relations services to clients nationwide including Edge Wireless AT&T Wireless Communications, Mountain Hardwear, Hi Tec Sports USA, The Old Mill District of Bend, NO-COAT Drywall Systems International, Klamath 1st Federal Bank, BendCable, Continental Motors and The Lancair Company.

Mandatory Service Bulletin Revision
Continental Motors (TCM) has released Revision C of Mandatory Service Bulletin (MSB) 00-5, under which TCM will field inspect crankshafts for a positive metallurgical flaw. Revision C expands the number of crankshafts to be inspected. The inspection can be performed at your local FBO and will be covered under TCM's warranty policy as defined in MSB 00-5. To determine if you are affected by this revision of bulletin, you must know your engine serial number and/or the serial number of the replacement crankshaft if your engine was field overhauled. Owners of engines and/or crankshafts supplied during the period of April 1998 through March 2000 should use the website to determine if they are affected.

If you have previously entered the website and were affected, you can check status by using your assigned contact number. IF YOU PREVIOUSLY ENTERED THE WEB SITE AND WERE ADVISED YOU WERE NOT AFFECTED, PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THE NEW REVISION MAY NOW CHANGE THAT STATUS. If the contact data you entered is accurate and you are in this category, TCM will attempt to contact you directly. AS A PRECAUTION, IT IS STRONGLY SUGGESTED THAT YOU RECHECK THE STATUS OF YOUR CRANKSHAFT USING THE LATEST REVISION THAT INCLUDES MORE CRANKSHAFT SERIAL NUMBERS.

Click Here to determine if you are affected.

Advanced GAP Engine Continues Development
The advanced Jet-A burning prototype engine being developed under the NASA General Aviation Propulsion (GAP) Program continues under development at TCM. The 200 HP engine has been undergoing component and full engine development testing since September of 1998. Read More.

TCM announces Major Warranty Upgrades and New Engine Product Offerings
Continental Motors used the Air Venture Program to announce warranty improvements to its Classic Rebuilt, New Replacement, and Platinum Engine products. Warranties on new TCM replacement cylinders were also increased to a three-year coverage. In part resulting from TCM's investments in modern manufacturing systems, TCM is offering an all-new replacement engine for very attractive prices. The new replacement engines come with a three-year warranty.

Electronic Engine Controls Demonstrated
Long sought after modern electronic engine controls for general aviation are within reach following major cross country flights to Oshkosh by a C172 and Diamond Katana C1 equipped with Aerosance electronic controls. Read More.

TCM Announces Cylinder Program Enhancements
At a press conference at Air Venture, TCM announced an extension of its cylinder warranty and elimination of the cylinder core charge for its replacement cylinder products. A three-year warranty program now covers TCM cylinders purchased after August 1, 1999.

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